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Alocasia Regal Shield 4”

Alocasia Regal Shield 4”

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The Alocasia Regal Shield—famously known as the Elephant Ear plant—makes an architectural statement with long upright stems and extra-large, sculptural & deeply veined foliage that will soothe and mesmerize you. This indoor plant is a beautiful natural work of art that will wow all who gaze upon it! This bright upright houseplant can tolerate low light but prefers bright indirect light. Keep the soil moist but not soaked! Under the right conditions, your Alocasia Regal Shield will bloom. The flowers feature a spathe and spadix but are typically concealed by the leaves, but the foliage of Alocasia Regal Shield is the real showstopper. Learn more about how to properly care for this Elephant Ear!



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